Lieve Perneel passionate about human development

Years of corporate experience combined with her profound and broad knowledge of human psychology provide her with a unique foundation from where to guide and counsel clients towards a balanced discovery and actualisation of their personal and professional potential.

Licence in Psychology, K.V.H.V., Université de Louvain, Belgium
Continuing education I.N.G.S. Paris, and at the Académie de Manternach, Luxembourg
Member of the “Ordre des Psychologues” (Belgium)
Member of the “Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources Humaines Agréés du Québec” (CRHA)
In private practice since 1994
12 years experience in the fields of educational psychology and clinical psychology (Belgium)
10 years corporate experience as a senior human resources executive with nation-wide responsibilities in Canada
Solid experience as member of the executive committee