To evolve, to transform, to rediscover oneself

To be offered a safe space where improved self-knowledge and self-observation are cultivated, leading towards a more profound understanding of reality. Then, new awareness of habitual reactivity patterns can make way to allow a much improved interaction with others. Simultaneously, strategic pro-activity develops and the expected transformational evolution takes place.

Services will respond to the needs of professionals, and of middle and senior managers who wish to grow and develop

• Coaching
• To remedy a problem
• To develop potential
• To navigate high risk/high stress situations
• To optimize integration into a new team or into new responsibilities

• Career transition and relocation coaching

• Retirement transition coaching

• Recruitment support

• To clarify personality profiles at hiring
• To optimize integration within the new work environment

• Team dynamics and consolidation

• To enhance coherence of teams and partnerships

• To develop increased synergy

How is her approach different from other coaching services?
Because the coaching process is not limited to a predefined, fixed methodology. Because the coaching process translates into a dense and totally personalized journey resulting in self-discovery and new grounding from where to spread out.